Unicorns, or horned horses, are the most mysterious creatures of Atlans. Elves consider them to be their guardians, bringers of luck and heralds of danger. Unicorns live in the Sacred Forest, where even druids cannot feel safe. Horned horses rarely venture outside its bounds, and each their appearance outside their domain is considered to be an omen of some very significant event - most often, with nothing good in store for elves. The last time unicorns have left their forests was just before Gorak's invasion, when the danger of complete annihilation was looming over the forest folk.

Unicorns very rarely enter battle. It is only possible to make them fight with mortal threat. Their main weapon is the long sharp horn. Magical, it pierces any armour.

It is almost impossible to capture a unicorn. Many orc shamans have tried to capture the animal to get hold of its magic horn, but those attempts have cost them their heads. No shaman has managed to do this ever since.

Even the mere presence of a unicorn in an army gives elves confidence, raises their morale, and makes their weapons strike without fault. Legends still tell of the event, when, during Gorak's invasion, just ten forest dwellers have managed to defeat a large group of orcs only because they were inspired by the aura emanating from a unicorn that had joined the elves.

The invasion of the undead into the elven forests was foreshadowed by the appearance of unicorns in the area. They were first noticed by druids, who have called on them to side with elves.