Conspiracy theories have always been popular. Rumors, gossip and hearsay about secret circles probably began emerging from the time when people started living as a community. History is full of ironies, and it is as if in mockery of the human craving for such dark talk that clandestine societies have appeared over the history of humanity. They stretch back to ancient times - the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, the Masonic Order, the Chinese "Society of Sky and Earth", the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Sirius Academy and the Society of Grail... However, of all these leagues, none possessed the absolute power they sought. Though they were certainly capable of occasionally influencing the policy of particular countries, it was beyond them to shape the fate of humanity. But would a brotherhood that possessed such power reveal itself? A society that could hold sway over people's destinies would, by its very nature, be ample and formidable enough to ensure that only the chosen were aware its existence. “The Order” is one such organization. Its ability to eliminate witnesses, fabricate historical documents and indeed entire archives, to hold huge financial resources and to command boundless technical capacities, would surely render it invisible to recorded history.

And to elaborate further, such reign over history would require continued action of a tremendous scale from the Order. Its ranks would include a multitude of people of various occupations - businessmen, politicians, scientists, soldiers...

"But even the very gods sometimes err"...and if so, than the Order, throughout the centuries of its existence, could also, on occasion, misstep. Through such a slip, information about the Order fell into the hands of those whom were never meant to know. The untangling of this twisted mass of riddles, plots, murders, falsehoods, subversion and sabotage leads us to three crucial mysteries.

  • The first one - the title of the Order.
  • The second - the events which led to its founding, and the revelation of the secret concealed in the ancient history of humanity.
  • And, finally, the third one - the goal of the Order. What is their aim? Why arrange wars and revolutions, preside over colonial expansions, manipulate catastrophes and order the assassination of prominent political leaders? What is this all for - power for power, or is there something bigger, sinister, more overwhelming waiting to be unveiled?