Dryads and fairies are considered by many to be sisters, although they are nothing alike. While fairies are distinguished by playful temper and kind, aimed at creation, magic, dryads are more militant, and are devoid of magic abilities. The only thing uniting them with fairies is that they live in the same forests, and in time of danger are ready to protect each other.

Dryads zealously protect their trees. Woodcutters are afraid of them, and try to avoid the places where these forest maidens live. Everyone knows that every dryad has a mother tree, and if it is destroyed, the dryad dies. But not all wood maids are militant. They protect those who care for trees and defend them. This is why dryads are kind to elves and are willing to side with them.

The main weapon of forest fairies are their hands, which are as strong as branches of a hundred-year-old oak. Many elves have witnessed a dryad breaking the back of an orc war hog. It is known that during the invasion orcs have not managed to capture the dryad forests. If anyone entered them, he never returned.

The war with the undead has brought dryads and elves even closer. Even though they are endowed with great strength, they cannot deal with legions of undead alone. And so, shoulder to shoulder with the forest folk, dryads are ready to stand for their forests until the end.