Elves are prejudiced against spears, considering them to be savage weapons, and gave preference to swords and bows. Nevertheless, there were those among them, who actively used spears, as the most comfortable and effective weapon - the hunters of the Forest of the Four Winds. When the war with the orсs has started, the hunters have taken up the call to arms.

They served mainly among the archers, while the infantry consisted predominantly of swordsmen. Masters of the sword have won almost all battles against orcs, but this has lasted only until the green-skinned brought in their hog riders. It was the battle with the hog riders that has shown the vulnerability of elf infantry against this type of enemy. This is when the hunters came to aid. They have taught elves correct handling of the spear, and shared their experience in destruction of those large fearsome animals. After the war the pikemen were reequipped. Instead of the short and thick hunter spears, they were given long pikes, as well as large shields, protecting them from hostile arrows. And so, a new kind of soldiers has appeared - pike-elves. To join the ranks of this army, one had to be extraordinarily staunch and fearless, and, as the soldiers themselves have said, to be able to keep death at a spear's length.

Pike-elves are very brave warriors. The whole Atlans is amazed at their valour. During the siege of the City of Dawn by the undead, many of them have dared to refuse the order to back away, and fought the soldiers of the ashes until the end.