Ents are one of the most ancient dwellers of the island. Long time ago Atlans belonged to them, but the time passed and most of the giants fell asleep, having turned into usual trees. Scarce wakeful ents have settled in Sacred Grove. Still though, they frequent in elfin forests, where ents like to stroll bringing back the bygone days. Treefolk speak specific language, - it is beautiful but very complicated to learn and there are very few who succeeded in mastering it.

Several elfin bards managed to learn Treefolk’s dialect to subsequently use it for writing their magical songs. Although it was druids whose knowledge of the language was unmatched. Sages borrowed a lot from the treefolk and they became friends through time.

These huge and strong creatures are also known as protectors of the trees because the forest is inhabited by their dormant brothers. It is a hallowed duty of every ent to secure their rest from flood, fires and lumberjacks’ encroachments. One ent can zap hundred of lumberjacks, provided they have no fire with them. But while greedy woodcutters can be taught a lesson, the undead are a completely different story. The army of the Lord of Ashes is propelled not by the desire of profits, but by the desire to slay all the living. It is only by helping elves that the treefolk can keep their forest preserved in this terrible struggle.