Elves have always been skilled archers. After all, invention of archery itself is attributed to them. Perfecting its skill, the forest folk has made it into an art.

They used the bow for hunting and for recreation, and learned to shoot from childhood, so for this reason at the onset of the Great Invasion the Council has called into the militia many trackers and hunters. Nevertheless, the elves have faced misfortune in this - it turned out that their experience with shooting in the forest, while hunting, from hiding, is not suitable for open combat. The first encounter with hog riders has ended at the same time in defeat and in creation of a new kind of soldiers - archers.

After the defeat the Council was forced to call under its banners many uneducated shooters. To raise their military value the recruits were taught to shoot in volleys, and only on command. The very first combat of these soldiers has shown their efficiency. Raining iron of arrows on the advancing enemy, archers did not leave it any chance to come close to the ranks of infantry. Since then, only those for whom archery is not an art, but a honed craft are taken into battle. Others become trackers, or, if they are fortunate, forest Warriors, but the road into army is closed for them.

Fragile bones of skeletons, despite the armour, can hardly withstand pressing of elven archers, but the undead army is numerous, and, when their ranks have gained ghosts, capable of attacking over long distances and practically invincible for archers, a need for soldiers using other kinds of weapons have appeared, since archers alone could no longer deal with the enemy.