Centaurs are semi-nomadic tribes that dwell in the Barkentin Plateau. They are not numerous, but are strong and militant folk. Their most bitter enemies are orcs and goblins who dwell neighbouring to the plateau territories. Long ago, before the Great Invasion of Gorak, centaurs’ lands have spread from Red Plateaus to Clarisa river creeks. But, after the war against the hordes of boar riders, centaurs have lost a share of their territories and half of their nation.

Centaurs have never quarreled with elves. At time of need, forest dwellers can aid centaurs, while those, in their turn, can side with elves.

After loosing most of their territories, Centaurs have retained their proud and militant spirit. Moreover, their hatred of the green-skinned has grown, and from time to time centaurs make raids on the Wasteland, trying to inflict as much damage on the enemy as possible. During such raids orc shamans suffer most of all. Centaurs feel special animosity towards them, and are eager to kill the sorcerers first. Possibly, this happens because centaurs have no wizards of their own. According to a nomad legend, wizards are not born in herds since the great centaur shaman Torgrid and his seventeen apprentices have at the cost of their lives saved the island from the dreadful monster Tramondin. This victory has cost them dearly - haunted by the terrible curse, they have turned to nomads, and forever lost ability to feel magic.

But now, when a new menace for Atlans and the whole world has arisen from the depth of underground, the frantic strength of centaurs is of more value than the once lost magic.