Pegasuses, or ashvins are the most unruly and freedom-loving animals of Atlans. Elves call them sun horses for their habit of soaring in the dusk before the sunrise over the islands of Trinity. These islands are located by the eastern shores, and the silhouettes of horses flying in the sky tell other inhabitants of Atlans of the approaching dawn.

Pegasuses are very fast and agile. It is almost impossible to catch them on the ground. Elves have tried to do this numerous times by setting snares and ambushes, but the pegasuses have either not appeared, or, teasing the hunters, easily evaded the traps. Druids have not approved the urge to domesticate the winged prancers and make them servants. They considered them to be children of the sun, and, to avoid anger of the heavenly body, did all they could to foil the elves' attempts to capture an ashvin, even though they knew the right method. Nevertheless, during the Great Invasion, the forest folk was in danger of extinction, and then the harmony the druids were protecting would be forever destroyed. This circumstance has helped elves to convince the sages to help them tame pegasuses to fight the orcs. Druids have agreed, but only under the condition that after Gorak was defeated, elves would set the sun horses free.

To capture, and then control a pegasuses, one needs a bridle made from leather curried in a special way that only the sages knew. Druids have helped to tame ashvins, but it turned out to be difficult to control the winged horses, costing several elves their lives. The elf amazons from the Pitcsh tribe have been more fortunate. Some have even learned to aim their bow arrows well during flight.

In fighting against the hog horde, pegasuses have become used to the amazons, but after the victory, they were given back their freedom, and returned to their islands. When the legions of the Lord of Ash have risen to the surface, the winged horses, feeling danger, came to the amazons by their own will, to offer help in battle against the new enemy.