Druids are also called keepers and guardians of nature. From the dawn of time, their main goal was to uphold the balance of forces in nature, of good and evil. The priests have never felt preference towards any of the races inhabiting Atlans; they have always tried to create harmonious conditions for coexistence of all its inhabitants, even though druids are only elves that have chosen the life of a priest - guardian of nature harmony. The keepers have often been called cowards, and sometimes even - traitors. Cowards - for never being the first to come to aid, traitors - for not letting destroy orcs, gnolls, and other enemies of elves. It has even happened that druids helped those half-savage people. In famine they brought orcs food, and several clans have managed to receive refuge on their territory.

Keepers are powerful mages, even though they rarely use their strength, believing that any conflict can be resolved without resorting to violence. Nevertheless, they are sometimes forced to enter the ranks of soldiers. In battles they often use the so-called magic bombs - clots of magic energy, having the appearance of harmless bundles of leaves, but capable of penetrating any armour. Every druid has a protective magical aura, which makes the nearby soldiers less vulnerable.

When the undead have come to the island, druids have felt an unprecedented disturbance in the natural balance of good and evil, life and death. They could do nothing, but join the elven army to cleanse Atlans of the dark forces and restore harmony.