Monfor Billal

Monfor Billal was a great elf commander. He became famous for uniting the various elf tribes into a single powerful army. Only united the tribes could defeat the orc horde, counting thousands, which under khan Gorak has invaded the elf lands. This episode in the history of Atlans is known as the Great Invasion. The war was brief, but bloody. In one of the decisive battles, the commander has killed Gorak, and without its leader the horde could not stand against Monfor's army. This was the turning point - soon, pressed by the elves, orks have retreated back into the Gravy badlands.

After the defeat of the orks, the elf leaders, following the druids' advice, did not disband the united army. Of course, without the military genius of Gorak, the orks were not such a threat, but they could again try to capture the central Atlans. Monfor has remained in command. His army has settled in the center of the island, on the plain between forest Krichbor and lake Flay.

Watch patrols have constantly spread from there. Rangers brought in news of the movements of orc tribes.

Nobody knew at that time, that the real threat came not from the wasteland, but from the ancient caves, where a new unknown evil that elves have never seen has been growing stronger for more than a century.

And now the, dark day has come, and the mighty enemy rose to the surface. It was up to Monfor to head the elf army to face this evil.

Monfor was a strong and brave leader, and even inevitable defeat in this war could not subdue his spirit. Perhaps, he was the most courageous military leader in the history of the elven peopleā€¦ and unfortunately the last one.