Four guilds, four Magic Workshops... They are united into the Universum - the building of which, an enormous granite pyramid, decorates the top of the mountain called Shamba, the very one, in which stands Fora - the capital Zelur Empire. Since the dawn of time, Lord of Universum keeps the Crown of Elements, embellished with four magic pearls - each symbolizing one of the Workshops, which is the core of his magic. When he reaches old age, Lord Octon must hand on the Crown of Elements to one of his followers, one of the archmasters, that is, heads of the Magic Workshops.

Cold Workshop

Cold prudence endows all life with wisdom;
who melts under warm light - looses his essence.

Gelo Beson

Cold Workshop: its colors - blue and white, its coat of arms - a snowflake, its element - water, its magic - ice and chill. Sorcerers of this guild are usually cold, withdrawn, and terse. The coldest and the most terse of them was the great archmaster of the Shop, bearing the name Gelo Beson. This man is very old, but full of vigour, and resembles a warrior more than a mage. He is the blood brother of Red Eric - head of one of the largest northern clans, which travel the snowy plains of Brita - the northernmost land of Zelur Empire. Gelo Beson does not tolerate hot weather, but savours cold, and even prefers to rest in a pool filled with icy water.

Gelo lives in the castle called Naled, which stands on the northern edge of the mountain Shamba, surrounded by a gigantic ice wall. Regular people cannot get here, and mages not belonging to the Ice workshop even more so.

The strings of fate are unaffected by time. It is not in its power to command them, to weave them into a whole. Even Gelo Beson does not know what role is set in store for him by fate. The hour is not far, when the archmaster of the shop of cold magic will become the founder of the magic race of Cryo.

Warm Workshop

I will reach the sun with my hands, I will tame it.
And then I will rule the world,
for light and warmth create life.

Sol Athleco

Warm Workshop: its colors - yellow and red, its coat of arms - the sun, its element - fire, its magic - heat, sultriness. This guild unites all who prefers the perpetual movement of warm magic to frozen cold magic. It is concentrated in the Solar Eye - several buildings surrounded by a gilded wall, above which a cloud of hot air always hovers. Sol Athleco lives here - a chatty, red-haired, short man. One cannot tell by his looks that he is the archmaster of the Warm Workshop - a great mage, in all Aquador inferior in power only to Lord Octon. Sol Athleco is cruel and insidious, resourceful, clever, and ruthless. He was the first to start plotting against the other Workshop, and it was his fault that the war between Workshop has started.

Sol's ambitions are boundless. His desire to rule will be fully sated. And though not the whole world will obey the great mage, but only the magic race of Sols, founded by him, this race will enslave the other peoples, and the master of warm magic will have a notable place in the history of the world of Aquador.

Mechanical Magic Workshop

Clinking of hammers, grinding of files, crunching of trees - music of creation.
Hardworking hands playing it are capable of making that, which has not existed before.
I do not long for ruling the universe, but wish to understand the workings of the world, and,
by making the correct calculation, make it move as I desire.

Doctus Savar

Mechanical Magic Workshop: its colors - silver and steel, coat of arms - a gear, its element - ether, its magic - an unheard of combination of machines and magic energy, matter and enchantment. There was nothing like this in Aquador before, since the very principle of material magic was discovered by Doctus Savar - the favourite disciple of the Lord Octon. Doctus does not look like a mage. He more closely resembles a prosperous tradesman, the hands of which are more accustomed to carpentry tools than to magic staves and alchemical retorts. The archmage of the Mechanical Magic Workshop has decided that it is possible to use magic to make machines work, to use magical substances, enchantments and recipes as fuel. A multitude of gnomes has come under his protection, from those who have come to Fora from a far western peninsula and settled in caves on the outskirts of the Shamba mountain. Here, in spacious underground workshops, under Doctus' leadership the gnomes have began realization of two projects, which must become cornerstones in the history of Aquador.

Curiosity and diligence are the main principles by which Doktus Savar lives. He is alien to lust for power. Intelligent, industrious gnomes, inspired by the his ideas, are ready to follow their leader everywhere... In the new lands their people will be transformed into a new race. The idea of combination of might and magic will become its motto.

Dead Workshop

Why treasure life, which is so transient and short,
if you can become eternal in death?
Why, suffering from pain of burning, reach for the unattainable light,
if you can rest, merged in beautiful harmony with the boundless darkness?

Necros Horron

Dead Workshop: its colors - blank and pale-green, its coat of arms - skull and bones, its element - earth, its magic - death! This is the least numerous guild, since death has frightened people from the dawn of time, and few people decide to give their children into apprenticeship to Necros Horron - archmaster of the Dead Workshop. Necros is the grandson of the legendary Gary Horron - a cruel commander who have traversed the Zelur empire with his army to and fro. Necros has inherited from him the legendary sword called Face of Death, the blade of which is made from the life force of all those Gary has killed with this terrible weapon.

With his brother Alfar, Necros lives in Jail-On-Bones, as the prison, which takes up a whole block of the city of Fora, is called. Personal guard of the master of the Dead Shop consists of edzins - menacing black-skinned warriors, which, it is rumoured, the old commander Gary Horron has brought from captured armies in the far southern lands. No one, except the Horron brothers, several jail guards and edzins dares cross the menacing wall surrounding Jail-On-Bones, for that place is full of traps. Necros Horron was second, after Sol Athleco, who has risen against Lord Octon after the master of Universum has declared that he will not give the Crown of Elements to anyone.

The desire to possess the magic artifact, endowing with unimaginable power, has made Necros leave the walls of the Jail, and go into the far uncharted lands. There, resurrecting the dead, he will create a race of undead, which like a plague will spread across the beautiful lands. It will be alien to worldly fuss and bustle. The only goal of the sons of Necros Horron will be conversion of life into death.

Four elements, four different outlooks on the world. Which is closer to yours? Which will you prefer, and which will you sympathize with? You decide! All the magic races that were described here can be found in the game Heroes of Annihilated Empires. The pages of this web-site will be periodically refreshed with tales of the races inhabiting the world of Aquador. If you register, you will get the news from the site, of which there will be plenty.