Fairies are merry forest folk known for their jests and knacks with magic. They are little bit imprudent and lighthearted, yet cheerful and kind at the same time. Every wayfarer who happens to traverse the fairies’ territories risks to fall victim to their lovely tricks. It is only the cheerfully-tempered elves who hardly ever try to avoid the irrepressible gaiety of the fairies and never lose a chance to play them up to in jokes and japes.

The gist of fairy magic lies in creation. The magic helps the winged sorceresses to grow trees they use as houses. Elves who spotted this amazing talent often employ fairies. Moreover, once the war against orcs was triggered the forest people’s need in military facilities increased. Growing such a tree-house does not require much time or special seeds. What fairy does is simply selecting the strongest sprout and making it grow faster with the use of her natural magic gift. Once the plant reaches the size required, the fairy can change its form by designing the inner rooms out of the trunk or the biggest branches, creating roof and decorations out of twigs and leaves.

In the beginning fairies were unwilling to build outposts and small fortresses for elves. They were resistant to turn trees into sharp stockades, watchtowers or fortified gates. But after orks attacked their forests and felled the well-groomed trees the fairies consented to help. Their only reservation was to permit them to cover buildings with drawings and colorful ornaments. Hence the elfin fortresses got to look so bright and absolutely unmilitary.

Upon the dreadful time of undead rising to the surface to begin ruthlessly invading the beloved fairy forests and turning them into lifeless desert, the winged creatures and elves got their forces united. Now nearly all the buildings, fortifications and houses in Atlans are grown by fairies.