These strong and graceful creatures have the bodies of lions and heads and wings of eagles. Griffins served the sylvan folk for ages though it is not known when and who tamed them, but since then, these amazing beings have been living with elves side by side.

They are easily trained and their brilliant hearing helps to fulfill commands given by the master from land. Griffins mainly help elves in scouting and battling flying enemies, they as well serve as some kind of "celestial horses", – being fast and strong, they can fly tirelessly carrying one or even two riders.

During the war with Gorak’s horde, elves tried to adapt griffins to attack enemy troops from the air yet failed. Instead the winged creatures hunted down crows that were spying upon the elven army and obtaining information for their masters – orcish shamans.

Having ascended to the surface, the undead used their spells to resurrect bones of long ago perished dragons turning them into flying killers – dragon-liches. Thus griffins became a great support for elves in fighting against these dreadful beasts.