Orcs are prairie nomads, shepherds, and warriors. Groups of orcs, also called swarms, typically consist of two dozen warriors, some female orcs, a shaman, and a chieftain. Such a swarm is divided into green-skinned and yellow-skinned orcs - the former more numerous than last and different in appearance. Green-skinned orcs are more cobby, massive, with short and thick limbs. In fights they prefer using clubs, bludgeons, heavy swords, and shields. Yellow-skinned orcs are taller and thinner. In battles they often use bows, spears, and slings.

Legendary khan Gorak - the orc who managed to unite the scattered swarms and to tame the strong zhurg boars for them to ride was a green-skinned one from the Sharp Fangs swarm. Having traveled from the Gravian wasteland through the Clarissa river, and the eastern frontier of the Groan ridge, Gorak’s horde of boar riders had succeeded to reach the Atlans middlearth - Krichbor Forest and Flay Lake, and only by means of enormous efforts, the united elven forces under the command of Monfor Billal could stop it. After the death of Gorak and the end of the war, the horde had scattered back into numerous small swarms, which returned to their former nomad life, not far from Kize-morr. Sometimes orcs collided with troops of south elven scouts there, though none of these clashes brought these two people to a new massive war.

Now gloomy shadows are crawling across the Atlans - legions of undead have come from the depths of underground. Small swarms were the first to fall under the assault of this new enemy. Would they prefer to unite with their old foes in the struggle against the legions of evil or to take the side of the undead and to revenge upon elves for the humiliation orcs have once suffered?