Lana was born in a family of the military leader Monfor Bylal, the chief of all elven forces. She knew nothing about her mother, and when asking father to relate about her, Monfor always averted his eyes without a single word. Lana spent her childhood in the garrison, which was protecting the City of Dawn. Her favorite enjoyments were archery and obstacle course, yet she surmounted the latter alongside skillful warriors. Since Lana turned ten she has been getting to grips with spear and by the age of fifteen she has already mastered it perfectly. But her ambitions went further. Lana decided to become skilled at griffon riding. However not everything turned out so easily. Once Lana fell down while riding her griffon Lightning, and she was saved by some miracle. Notwithstanding the fact that after this accident Lana was prohibited to ride, clandestinely young elfin kept on night trips in attempts to tame her fear of dangers.

When Lana was fourteen, her father has been repositioned to the Wasteland frontier to put a stop to unleashed orcs’ ire. Monfor was taking the girl everywhere he went. Chieftain and his men had a goal to suppress orcs, and as two years passed they eventually had coped with their task. On their way back to the City of Dawn Monfor’s caravan was assaulted by orcs. It happened in the very depth of elven territories, in the place where no one expected the raiders. A bloody battle was fought there… No one would be able to foretell the probable outcome if it were not for Lana. Having replaced one of the fallen caravan sentries, she managed to kill four ferocious orc-cutthroats with a mere blink of an eye. Survived savages ran off. While retreating one of the brutes threw an axe in Lana’s back. She was rescued by a ranger who followed the caravan to the City of Dawn. Thus the young amazon saw death as close as never before - having covered up Lana with his body the ranger died on her hands. This frightened the girl to the very depths of her heart although she decided not to reveal her fears to anyone ever. Thus the young elfin passed her baptism of fire.

Lana’s talents were obvious, and in two years she stood in command of the garrison, which guarded the East gates of the City of Dawn. When the town assaulted by undeads had fallen, she was helping the survived civilians escape. All that Lana underwent during the town storming left deep scars in her soul. It was hard for her to lose everything she loved. But weakness has never been her trait. The warrior came to conclusion that she must not let anything into her heart. She decided that remaining emotionless and insensible makes life much easier. Lana set up thick walls around her heart which should keep anyone far from her feelings. And even those kind of walls broke apart once Lana met Elhant…

In the game

In the game, the best Lana’s skills will come at hand in close combat owing to her agility and unsurpassed spear-fighting mastery. Her charisma and heroism inspire warriors: resoute bravery awakes in their hearts and makes them rush to attack unsparingly. Warriors become stronger, yet more vulnerable. Lana is often guided by the thirst of vengeance. And one can be more than sure that enemies will be paid off for the pain they inflict to her soldiers. Defeating the amazon with magic is a task next to impossible and it will take enemy wizards the best of their concentration to cast an effective spell against her, as since birth Lana possesses an amazing gift of magic resistance.