Sometimes destiny rolls pebbles to shift the mountains. It was Elhant’s lot to become this pebble.

To make clear the situation why he was given this role, we should look into his past. Elhant came into our world in a family of elven priest. Since his childhood he had a gift, Elhant could sense evil and he could feel it threatening to invade his native forests. The young elf did not want to accept the natural order of things – the ebb and flow of good and evil - which he was always told about by his father. Elhant could no longer be indifferent to the evil that was encroaching; he was ready to act in defense of his people.

Having no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, Elhant left his home and went to the southern frontier. He was determined to serve on frontier duty, he planned to become one of the Rangers, maybe even a Forest Warrior.

Following their last attempt at invasion the Orcs were beaten back, and are now too weak to mount a fullscale attack. They have chosen another, more bloodthirsty, tactic. Small raiding parties have been infiltrating the frontier region to bring slaughter and destruction to many villages. Elhant’s magical sense of evil became invaluable. Relying solely on his senses Elhant has been able to prevent several raids to propel him to one of the Green cloaks – an elite branch of the Rangers.

The Rangers’ routine is to hunt down and to annihilate orc and gnoll raiding parties who have managed to slip by the outposts without being noticed. Green cloaks also made raids to the depth of the Wasteland. The purpose of such raids was to assassin reigning clan and tribe heads to provoke internecine wars. After a few months of being with the Rangers Elhant experienced five raids of this kind.

One year has passed by in the blink of an eye. And on the eve of Elhant celebration of entering Scouts he has lost his calm slumber. Every night he experienced the same vision. As he patrols the wall of the City of Dawn he hears a horn. The archers rush forward, passing him by, he tries to find out what is happening but all he gets are indistinct answers. Then Elhant looks out into the darkness and sees a horrible sight. Opposite the town, among the shadows, he sees an army.

A bolt of lightning flashes, illuminating the soldiers’ faces; it is a vast army of risen undeads. The rumble of thunder fades as the evil force fills the air with a horrible howl before undeads start rushing to the attack. At that moment Elhant awakes, screaming, and jumps out of his bed.

And before the trees shed their leaves Elhant’s dream will come true. And he will be called to stand steadfast against the forces of underworld.

In the game

In the game Elhant proves himself as a brave, strong and forceful warrior. His chosen weapon is a bow. That is why he is unsurpassed in ranged fights. Elhant possesses the aura of marksmanship; it increases the strength and accuracy of archers, but decreases their rate of fire. His persistence, courage and burning desire to be the best is an example to those around him, his bravery and leadership has rallied the elves, onwards to victory.