Werewolves used to live on the surface of the island. They lived in the flatlands, which have been later named the Centaur Plateau. They have fought orks since the ancient times. It is possible that werewolves have been cursed with a dying spell of some shaman. Gradually, they became unable to live on the surface, and hid in caves. There they made a contract with Necros and became a part of his army.

The main strength of werewolves is in their ability to turn from people into large large wolves, and back. Each form has strengths and weaknesses. In their human form werewolves are excellent archers. They are armed with crossbows, which are powerful, though slow weapons. In wolf shape, they are strong and mobile infantry. Moreover, in this form they are able to quickly heal any wounds inflicted on them not only with weapons, but also with magic. A werewolf pack is very flexible - no one in the army of Necros can boast ability of changing appearance.