Great Invasion

The Great Invasion is the title known in the history of Atlans as a period of war between the elves and a united army of orcs. Their leader was khan Gorak, who still in the days of peace intended to marry the elven amazon queen Seniya. The queen was not about to share the rest of her life with a rude and wayward ork savage, and she turned Gorak down. Infuriated by rejection, he had kidnapped Seniya.

However, khan failed to know whom he was dealing with! It was not in the queen’s nature to be ever imprisoned by a savage orc. Having enlisted support of centaurs, Seniya had escaped, having made a massacre in the khan's den and maimed him terribly. Spiteful Gorak’s could not forgive such insolence, and decided to pay back. And so, a terrible war had unrolled on the island, the likes of which no one has seen before.

great invasion

Khan Gorak, leader by nature, smart and courageous, had succeeded to unite the orc tribes into a powerful army that seemed to be invincible. First, the orc horde had attacked the centaurs, and then invaded the elven territories pillaging their settlements with fire and sword all across the Atlans.

Carrying out his cruel intentions, Gorak had succeeded to revenge centaurs, annihilating half of their people, and moving ahead through the elven lands up to the Krichbor forest. No one knows what would have become of elves without the brave and skilful military leader Monfor Billal - commander of the united army of elves.

Not far from the Krichbor forest and the northern spurs of the World Mountain, elves and orcs have collided in the decisive battle. By the will of destiny, Monfor and Gorak fought each other in this battle. The great commander had barely defeated the enemy. Half-dead, Monfor killed Gorak with his sword. Khan’s death brought an end to the war. The orc horde could not stay united without its leader, and in small troops looted for a while in the outskirts of the World Mountain, Abiat Caves and Whispering Forest.

Finally, elves have forced the rest of horde out back into the Fiery Bounds desert, where all the winds of the world blow.

The war has ended, but the elven people still retain the memory of the Great Invasion. Mothers tell stories of Gorak to scare their disobedient children. The great leader Monfor has become the unattainable ideal for all the generations of young elves dreaming to become warriors and rangers.