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Long-awaited patch

6 December 2006

We hurry to bring the good news to all followers of "Heroes of Annihilated Empires". We have prepared the patch 1.1, fixing most critical errors in the first part of the game.

There is a pleasant addition - two new maps for the Skirmish mode, with their own distinct gameplay. Download and play!

You can see which changes have been made in the patch 1.1

  • Introduced changes into the game balance.
  • Corrected many critical errors of the single player game.
  • Added two unique maps for online play;
  • Many small corrections and changes.

You can see the list of all changes in the Readme-file.

Users who purchased HoAE on STEAM are not required to download the patch as it will be installed via the STEAM update system.

The English patch is provided in two version - a 3 CD-one for North America and a DVD version for UK. Please, be attentive when choosing which file to download.

Download patch:

Patch size is approx. 60 Mb.