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28 February 2006

t is always important to be in the spotlight of events. Stay involved, the most interesting may pass you by. Now everyone has a possibility to register on this web-site, become a part of its life and discover lots of previously unreachable. Once registered, on top of becoming a regular Heroes of Annihilated Empires web-site visitor (getting access to exclusive assets, participation in contests and forum chat), you join the entire GSC community which makes you a dear guest at any of the GSC web-sites. Thus you will be up-to-date on all the GSC Game World’s projects; make use of the information available to registered users exclusively, so as find new friends around the globe without any language barriers.

And remember, there’s no single mystery out there, however hard being sealed, which can resist the desperate to know.

People always have what to say

27 February 2006

Communication delivers the truth, and we will do our best to foster pleasant communication climate among the visitors of all the GSC Game World web-sites. Once registered on this web-site you get the possibility to chat at any of the GSC Game World forums. Despite all the language barriers, you’ll be able to share your impressions and ideas with visitors from various lands, discover new possibilities, exchange interesting links. All the forum messages will get translated into four languages. Owing to our forums you will be heard by numerous people from all the corners of the globe. All you need is to register here.

Ilya Novak joined us!

31 August 2005

Ukrainian novelist Ilya Novak, one of Heroes of Annihilated Empires game script authors, has got the award as the best debutant in fiction literature at the biggest European convention of fiction Eurocon-2005, recently held in Glasgow (Scotland). We genially commend Ilya for deserved recognition and promise sensational joint project by Ilya Novak and GSC Game World to be presented to the fans of Heroes of Annihilated Empires in a short time.

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