Fascinating facts have come to light from the North of Europe where Greenland Island lies covered with eternal ice. They refer to the island's history. As it turned out to be, this fabulous place was once the last refuge of warm magic disciples. This question attracted us owing to a well-known fact that up to the Xth century A.D. the island's climate was rather warm and friendly for agriculture and cattle breeding. As it proved to be, it became possible due to the magic of warmth and the Sun. A clandestine organization, known as "the Order", obsessed to annihilate any magic ever to emerge in the world, could not stay aside the situation like that. After obtaining the information on the settlements, in the Xth century the Order sent there Erik the Red under the guise of a person pursued by the government, a bandit, whose name later went down into history as the first Greenland Isle settler. Far from going alone, he was supported by a gang of cutthroats armed to the teeth and well-trained by the Order.

The Island dwellers failed to protect their lands from the swords of villainous murderers and bandits. The outcome of such an uneven confrontation was the extermination of all the wizards' settlements.

As a reward for the brilliantly accomplished mission, Erik was bestowed the entire island. It was the best gift one could ever receive as the island was rich in minerals, its waters teemed with fish and the fertile soils yielded rich harvests. But it didn't last long, as the new isle owners never knew that such paradise existed only due to the warm magic prevailing there before Erik’s arrival. The magic which heated the island up from beneath had lost its energy source to hold the climate up. The Island began to freeze and in mere 5 centuries the climate changed irretrievably.

The once paradisaic gardens and evergreen meadows now came to be covered with a snow blanket; once abundant fauna didn’t go beyond few species, now adapted to living in cold weather conditions.

Numerous military bases of different states are located on the island nowadays. The Order detachments are possible to be present there too, overseeing any traces of magical energy. It is rumoured that some of those settlements nevertheless survived deeply under the ground. Otherwise how can the military presence and mesmerizing Northern mirages be justified?