Developer's Diary

In the heat of the on-going Heroes of Annihilated Empires beta testing we decided to overlook our testers with a help of video camera. Despite the video footage captured is largely of 'internal use' nature, we believe it imperative to keep the public up-to-date on what's going on with the project. This said, we're presenting the first part of our "Beta tester's Video Diary"

Developer's Diary, part 1

Part 1 demonstrates the gameplay elements as follows:

  • Hero fighting alone
  • Interaction of several heroes
  • Applying attack/defense spells
  • Summoning magical creatures
  • Combating against neutrals
  • Assaulting enemy base

Download the diary here (22 МB).

Developer's Diary, part 2

Going on watching the progress of developing of the game our eyes couldn't but be attracted to such entertaining game aspect as battles on water.

We are glad to represent you the second part of developer's video diary. This time trailer is dedicated to the see battles. It demonstrates elven ships fights against ghost fleet of undead.

Download the diary here (13 MB)